Thursday, July 02, 2009

Richard, Cindy, Wayne and Mary

July 2nd, 2009: Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 83* and clear.
Got out early to catch bait but it was tough, seems when we have big storms the night before it breaks up schools of bait and fish. Picked everyone up at the dock at 5:30 , found a school of Stripers and we set up on them . Just as we got all the lines out the school disappeared. Got back on the big motor and found another school, started to put lines out and a guy in a Bayliner came by us about 3/4 on plane between my boat and the bank, about 30 yards from us. He watched us set up on the fish, he is out there every day, I think he intentionally wanted to spook the fish. I will be having a word with him next time I see him, he only had a half a mile to go around me to be courteous. Anyway, he did spook the school so we moved on. We found another school and set up on them with no other boats nearby and everything we had went down. We caught a dozen Stripers there and moved on. My bait was a little labored so I decided to go catch some more fresher bait. I looked for an hour till I found some tight enough to throw on, caught them, found another school of fish and worked on them. After loosing that school we hit one more school and limited out with 20 nice keeper Stripers. Richard kept 12 and gave me 8 to take home, thanks Richard.

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