Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Mitchells

July 14th, 2009...Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 85* and clear.
The good looking guy on the left is Travis, Sketer is the guy who got up so early this morning he forgot to take off his PJ pants, Alex is freaking out because he has to go home and seal a driveway this evening, Mike is the proud father 2nd from the right, proud to have these great kids and prouder yet to have caught the 11 1/2 pound Striper, Sonny is on the right, he is happy he redeemed himself after loosing some hogs this morning, and finally Tommy sitting down, he is pooped after reeling fish in all day and smiling because he limited out first this morning.
Today was an interesting day, bait was tough to come by, fishing was good in the morning early, burnt $80 of gas looking for schools of bait and fish, but the best thing about the day was how nice it was to enjoy a day on the water with a family of genuinely nice people who enjoy fishing as much as I do and to see the smiles on their faces every time they caught a Striper.

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