Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jim and Carlos

July 11th, 2009: Sunny and pleasant, Water temperature 81* and clear.
Caught some bait early , picked the guys up at their dock and went and caught a little more bait and went fishing. Set up on a small school and caught a couple and moved on. With only 2 fisherman I could not set up on large schools because we would not be able to handle the action. We hit another small group of fish and caught a few more then relocated to a flat where I had been fishing days before and the fish were on it. After about 30 minutes of constant action the had had enough and called it a day. Jim was anxious to get back, he had found a boat that he wanted to buy and wanted me to check it out with him. The hard part was to convince his wife Patricia who knew nothing of a new boat that he in fact needed another boat and that the new boat was a great deal. It all worked out, Jim caught fish in the morning and bought the boat that afternoon.

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