Monday, July 06, 2009

John Mackay with guests Mike, Ken and Dave

July 6th, 2009: Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature fell to 81*.
John wanted to go out and catch bait so I picked him up early and hung a light. I told him bait may be tough today due to the storm we had yesterday, usually storms break up schools of bait and fish and it did, bait was very tough this morning. Caught about 50, went back to the dock and picked up Ken and went looking for fish and more bait if we could find any. Caught a little more bait , found some fish and set up on them with downlines. We popped a half dozen fish and the fish moved on, at least the guys got a taste of what was to come. Found some more fish, not a tight school like I want but nevertheless Stripers and we set up on them. For an hour we had constant action, going through at least 120 baits. We made two other moves catching Stripers in both places. This morning I started out looking at 40 foot flats but ended up catching Stripers on 30 foot flats. The guys took home 20 Stripers for the freezer.

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