Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Taste of Spring

Hawley, Joy and Bill
Sunny and Warm [75*] 
Today I got out early and hung a light, picked the guys up at 6:30, caught bait and went fishing. All I did was look for a place where there was no boats and set out a spread. I told the guys that with the extreme weather change we were just going to pull baits till we found the fish and that is exactly what we did. I fully expected to have 40 hits today and catch 30 fish but it just never happened. We took about 25 hits and caught 16. Although the fishing was not what I expected the weather was incredible today. Good things never last and by the looks of things the weather is going to change big time. The guys had a good day on the water and had plenty of fish to take home today.


Unknown said...

jim you are the man I pulled all weekend and did not do that good

Jim Hemby said...

Thanks Jeff,
the lake will explode soon, water temp got up to 52 today