Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Cyganiewicz's

Cloudy, WINDY, Pleasant, Water Temperature 46* 
My hopes for today's fishing weren't very high this morning when I got up and saw that bright full moon then the wind blew my hat off. The wind, the moon and boat traffic on the weekends were three challenges that I was not looking for. To worsen the morning I had to throw for 4 hours to catch the bait that I wanted to use. So by 10 I finally had the bait to work with so we set out a spread of planner boards ready for action. We started taking hits and boating fish but the wind was not our friend today. Where we would catch a couple fish right in the wind which would not allow me to control the boat the way I wanted to resulting in not being able to re-fish the area. Thankfully my clients were fishermen a knew my challenges and were happy to have their family together to enjoy a day on the water catching some fish. By the end of the trip we had taken plenty of hits and caught a few nice Stripers.

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