Friday, March 07, 2014

Josh Shaw

 Two Bass reeled in at the same time

A couple of Stripers Josh cought
Cloudy, Cold and WINDY, Water Temps 42* to 46* 
This is a weekend Josh has been waiting for for a long time. He called me many weeks ago about renting a house on the lake and fishing a couple days to celebrate his BACHELOR PARTY. The day finally arrived and although the weather sucked for fishing he was pumped to go so I got up early and caught bait then waited for them to arrive from Md. I picked them up at their dock around 9:30 and we looked for a place where we could get out of the wind but there was no such place. I set up in an area where the waves were white-capping and as I was showing them how to deploy the baits we got hit. We got that fish on board then I showed them again how to put the baits out but before I could bait another rod it hooked up as well. It was extremely windy and very cold so it didn't take long for the guys to get cold today. I made a move after about an hour and that is when Josh hooked up with these two nice Largemouth. He reeled in a fish that was hooked up on a board and tangled with another line on the board that was in front of his. There must have been another bass following the hooked up Bass and it hit the bait that was tangled in his line. When he got it to the boat I netted them both in the picture above. Although the weather was so poor and we only fished a few hours they had a great time today. I got them back to their house early so they could get ready for the festivities this evening. We are scheduled to go out in the morning but I believe it will be a late start again. I will bring some Advil for them tomorrow.

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