Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some recent Lowrance pictures

 This is a picture of Gizzard Shad in the water column between 10 and 25 feet deep. You can see on the upper left screen that I had been marking it for quite some time. We caught no fish in the bait but about 30 yards outside the bait we started hooking up.
 This is a shot where we caught Stripers shallow on planner boards. This was early in the morning after a warming trend nearby rocks and boulders. We were hooked up with 3 at a time when I took this picture. The sonar side shows what appears to be just bait but the structure scan shows Stripers hovering over a rock pile.
 Here is a shot of me dropping down a downline with a sinker and a 5 inch bait. You can easily see the sinker and bait descending then I engaged the reel at 34 feet. Within 15 seconds a 12 pound Striper hit the bait and the fight was on. A couple other fish streaked off the bottom to watch the fight.
This is a brush pile in 19 foot of water that has bait on the left side of it and fish on the other. We hooked up with a 22 inch Striper and a 16 inch Crappie over this structure. The brush was definitely holding fish but I did not turn back to investigate what kind we were seeing on the Lowrance.

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