Friday, May 22, 2015

Cayden Mills and Timmy

 This is a shot of the first school we found this morning. I was using my Navionics card working break lines near the channel. We worked on this school for an hour this morning before leaving them and searching others.

 I am on the same school here but it had moved about 200 yards. I constantly stayed on the school using my side scan. Which ever side had the most fish I would gravitate to. Notice the detail in the Navionics map. Without a good card it is hard to work contours.

 This is another large school we found in deeper water. We worked this school for 45 minutes and left it to find other schools. Again side scan kept me on the Stripers. Is there any doubt of what you are looking at here? Navionics maps and Navico [Lowrance and Simrad] are the ticket to success. Proof is in the picture. Are you seeing shots like this on your unit? If not may be time to upgrade.

Cayden strugling to hold up his share of the bar.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, On your side scan you are running 455KHZ. But sometime you run 800KHZ, why one over the other?