Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simrad shots

 This is a screen shot of one of my clients reeling in a Striper.

 These two shots were taken of a Railroad Trestle that was
 blown up by Dynamite before the lake was flooded.  
This is the concrete remains.
Side Scan works kind of like a flashlight aimed in a wide beam off to both sides of the boat. It identifies the target [in this case concrete] and casts a shadow behind the taller objects on the bottom. These were in about 40 feet of water so the"flashlight" was quite a ways above the objects. If this picture was taken in 20 foot of water for example, the shadows would have been a lot taller. If fish are out to the side of the boat, it will also cast a shadow behind the fish if it is large enough to create a shadow. Fish will show up on Side Scan as vertical dashes, the larger the fish, the longer the dash. On Lake Anna Stripers in excess of about 8 pounds cast a shadow. Smaller Stripers usually do not. Needless to say, when I am on a school of Stripers, if I see long dashes with shadows, I steer my boat directly to them.

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