Saturday, May 09, 2015

Fiber Technology

 Collin, Brad, Doug, Dillon, Jeff, Jeffery, Earl, Mike and Jarred

 Nice school of Stripers

 Fighting a Striper

Some Stripers off to the right of the boat. 
Without side scan I would have not know they were even there.

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 75* and Clear
Today Tony and I both had trips with Doug Myers and his company. We caught bait early and both started fishing at the same location. Tony put out a spread of boards and headed up and I put out a bunch of downlines and headed down. My boat went through 130 baits by 9:15 so I went and caught more bait. We came off the water at 11 this morning and had good results [for a weekend day]. Our boat caught about 70 Stripers and ended up with 17 keepers. Tonys boat caught about 20 Stripers and ended up with 12 keepers. Tony had asked his crew this morning if they wanted to catch numbers or size, they elected size. Their fish were nicer fish and Tony gave them what they wanted. Fishing is only going to get better daily from here. Looking forward for a great summer bite. It is not uncommon to catch hundreds of Stripers a morning, and this year should be one of the best in recent history.

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