Saturday, May 30, 2015

Three Happy Guys

 Jake, Rob and Bachelor not for long.
I got these guys up early this morning to go out for a few hours and start the bachelor party off right. They left a couple of friends in bed who wanted to rest up for tonight's festivities.  Hopefully they took a nap and will have a fun and safe weekend at Jake's lake home.

 This is a screen shot I took this week using my Navionics card as a guide to put me on Stripers. You can see the contours on the map but I also have two waypoints marked. There is very deep water nearby and the two waypoints are where it rises up out of 40 plus feet to about 25 feet. Stripers were on the break coming up out of the deep water. In the summer a good map is essential to find Stripers.

I was looking for fish when I went over this channel. On the left is a school of Herring relating to some peaks and valleys then I drop into the channel. Once I come up out of the channel the bottom is laced with fish hugging the bottom. These are 1 to 2 pound Catfish.

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