Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Navico Screen Shots

 I am often asked what Bass look like on my screen. In this screen shot I was running about 25mph and saw a school of Largemouth relating to the very top of this hump. I scrolled back in my history and took this picture. All the whitish vertical dots are motor noise. I keep my sensitivity up while running in order to see as much information as possible. Over time I do not even notice the noise, but I do see the fish and color they give off. The more color, the denser the fish. I slowed the boat down slightly after going over the hump then sped back up before taking the shot. These shots are click-able to enlarge. I am sure all you Bass fisherman are going to check out my coordinates and hit this on your next outing. Notice the time of day, it was morning and they were up on the top feeding. If you hit this later in the day once the sun gets bright you may have to work the deeper ledges of the structure. Good Luck!
 Again I was running fairly fast when I came up on this school of Stripers. Notice how small they appear when I first come up on them and as the boat slows it shows larger arches. This was a school of punks which is identifiable by the very small dots on side scan. Yes we caught them but left after getting punked.

This is another school that I found about a half an hour later. We worked this school for about an hour till we completely ran out of bait. The diagonal lines are us dropping our baits into the school. The horizontal line going across the screen is a bait that was not put down to the correct depth. Obviously it did not get hit. Occasionally people get excited when we are on school and do not measure out correctly and this is what happens. Usually all day everyone else on the boat gets constant action and the person who does not pay attention watches in disbelief as all the other lines stay hooked up. If Stripers are super aggressive they may come up and hit a bait 10 feet above them but these fish were stratified in the water column very tightly indicating none aggressive behavior. There was no streaking or active fish here but by putting the baits in their faces we spanked them.
Although these shots were taken from my Simrad, Lowrance HDS will show you similar views. I use both and think they are "The Bomb".

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