Sunday, May 31, 2015

Three Seays

Anthony and Donnie

Lowrance screen shot taken today over school of Stripers

Today DP took his Father and Son out for a couple hours of Striper action. Isn't it wonderful the cycle of progression. Donnie was one of the best on the lake 30 years ago and taught DP how to Bass fish and instilled not only the ways of catching fish but the virtues that go along with being outdoors together as Dad and Son. DP has been taking his son Anthony since he could sit in a boat and Anthony's passion for the outdoors [hunting, fishing and Baseball] is all the boy can think about. DP is not only paying it forward but backwards to his father as well. Three generations on the water or in the field helps keeps this family together. I had the same experiences with my father and now my grandson Michael. He is getting old enough to help me out on the boat and will hopefully be a mate soon learning the ways of the lake. Remember to take our kids or any kids into the outdoors, they will be better people for it.

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