Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Fishing

 Aaron with 2 nice bass. The one on the left is 21 1/2 inches and fat, 
the other is a Citation. 

 Brian,  J, Bob, Bernie, Aaron and Scott

DP's clients Jeff and Skeets

Sunny and Hot, water temperature 76* and Clear.
Today DP and I both had clients so we met very early this morning and caught bait. We both set up on some downline fish and popped a few then went our separate ways. There must have been 45 to 50 Striper fisherman on the water today, every acre of water between Stubbs and Dukes was trolled through. At times 6 or 7 trollers would be heading single file covering the exact same water. Hopefully everyone caught fish. Anyway we put our clients on the fish today and between both boats our clients caught well over 100 fish. Aaron was on a roll in my boat catching Stripers and Largemouth as well. Lots of boat traffic today and lots of madness. When I got back to the marina they told me a water plane even crashed in the lake today. Can't wait to get back out on the water during the week, weekends will kill you out there.

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