Thursday, March 19, 2009

Andy and Drew Kiyfes

March 19th, 2009: Cloudy and cool. Water Temp 50* and Clear. Got on the water at least 2 hours before daylight and caught Herring. Picked clients up at 6:30 and went and set up on main lake flats. I just got my baits in the water and a jerk in a jon boat pulled right in front of us on a point and cut us off. That was not the way I wanted the day to start. I avoided the boat and kept fishing. Within a minute we hooked up and had steady action for an hour until Andy decided to bring in all the lines on one side of the boat, so we moved. We were having a front blow through today, it started off nice but the wind, clouds and cold moved in and slowed fishing . We just buckled down and worked hard, only getting bit once every half hour or so. We moved one last time and before I could get 4 baits in the water we had two hook up. Right before we came in Dean caught the big Striper of the day. Today the guys caught 18 fish out of 23 hook-ups, not too bad for a cold front!

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