Friday, March 20, 2009

Paul, George and George

March 20th, 2009: Sunny, Windy, Cold, Water temp 49* and Clear. Hung lights 2 hours before daylight to get Herring , caught bait, picked up the guys and went fishing. Set up on shallow flats uplake and pulled them for 2 hours with little success. Made a move mid lake hitting points and hooked up immediately. By now the wind was howling about 15mph steady with higher gusts. Struggled to get baits in the water and control the boat at the same time for the rest of the day. Boat traffic sucked today also, a lot of boats getting ready for tournaments and clueless other "boaters". We moved a couple of times just trying to find a place to fish where the wind wouldn't back the boat up but there was no such place. We all worked hard today to catch the few Stripers that we boated. Best note of the day, our regular fishing buddy with this group, George F.....Barboza is BACK and well.

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