Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pete, Marcus, Mitch and Brian

March 11th, 2009: Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temp 49* and Clear. Today's trip was part of a raffle that was put on by myself for the benefit of Va-Outdoors [Fishing Va. website ]. For those of you who use the site the big guy on the right is your host on the site Brian, to his left is Mitch [BADTYLER], to his left is mauled up Marcus and last but not least is Fat Sneaky Pete. Enough for introductions, I picked the guys up at 7 and caught a little more bait. We set up on a main lake flat pulling boards. I thought something might be wrong today, I got my whole spread of 12 boards and a bobber out without getting hit, first time in a month! Anyway, we worked about 300 yards and hooked up on 2 Stripers, got them in the boat and I looked up and there was a boat on the point I was approaching, pulled in one side to avoid the boat [One of the guys hooking 3 other boards didn't help much either]. We worked the area for awhile catching a few Stripers here and there, but the fish were pretty lethargic and I could not establish a solid pattern. After awhile we moved and set up pulling points on the main lake catching a few fish but the wind got up and blew us off. We then moved to the back of a creek and set out our spread, catching one here and there, no pattern. The front finally moved in and we called it a day. Today the guys caught 19 Stripers, 6 of them punks. At the end of the day we found out why fishing was slow today, Mitch had sabotaged the trip bringing 2 Banana's and pulled them out when we were getting ready to leave. We have some interesting weather moving in tonight, we will see how it effects the Stripers on Friday.

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