Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jeff Lawson [JLAWx] and Jack Verner [Scarry]

March 28th, 2009: Cloudy and 50's, Water Temp 51*.
Got out on the water at 4:30, hung a light and caught herring. Went to pick the guys up at 6:30 at Hunters and the parking lot was full of Bass Boats. Ran up the lake to the 522 Bridge looking for a place to fish but every point had a boat on it so we scrapped that side of the lake and went elsewhere. We put out a spread of 12 boards, a couple freelines and a bobber and got hit before we could get them all out. Jeff gave this trip to his buddy Jack for his birthday so Jack jumped on the first fish. It was more than Jack expected and after a good battle the Striper won and got off. Jeff and I teased Jack that it had to be a citation to whip him so bad. He vowed to redeem himself , the next 3 Stripers we had on he lost also. Now Jack was pi..ed and the next one he put in the boat. Naturally the first fish Jeff hooked up to he got in and acted like there was nothing to it. This was the beginning of a battle and for the rest of the day the guys went at it. At the end Jack got the last laugh, the 2 largest Stripers they are holding up were boated by him, they are also the largest fish he has ever caught. We fished hard today and it payed off with a great stringer.

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