Sunday, March 08, 2009

Montgomery Walker

March 8th, 2008: Sunny and warm, Water Temp 47* and Clear. Got out early this morning and caught bait, picked Monty up at 7am , ran to a main lake flat, tried again to get my boards out but the fish kept hitting our baits. Traffic was bad, boats running all around us, I just kept putting baits out and Monty kept reeling in fish. We worked over to a little bay out of the main flow of traffic, got all my lines out and proceeded to spank the fish. Before Monty knew what hit him he had boated 25 Stripers , his shoulder was hurting, his thumb was scraped up and bleeding, and his mouth was tired of smiling. We came off the water by 11, releasing all the fish to fight again. He had 2 friends , Jack and Angie, that were suppose to come and didn't, bet they come next time!

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