Saturday, March 27, 2010

Billy, Matt, Ben, Big D,, Don

Sunny, Bluebird skies, cold, Water Temperature dropped to 54*.
I got out at o dark 30 this morning and threw for bait for 3 hours and picked the guys up at 6:30. Set up over a 25 foot flat that rose up to 7 feet pulling boards. I had everything set when we hit the hump and 4 lines hooked up. We wrestled those fish in, made a circle and hit again taking a couple hits. I circled again but before I could get close to the good area a jerk in a bass boat went out of his way to run over the area. He had to go 200 yards out of his way and ran over a foot of water, I was hoping he would hit bottom, he was completely clueless. I told the guys right then we should get out of there but about anywhere you go on a Saturday you have to deal with the nuts. Anyway we hit the area a couple more times and could only catch a couple punks so I moved a couple thousand yards away and pulled similar areas with little success. I was not expecting much of a bite today with the cold front blowing through, this morning when I picked up my clients my whole boat was a sheet of ice. The bluebird skies had shut the shallow fish off so I looked for deeper fish with no success. I guess we were lucky to catch some nice fish today in these conditions. Today we only had 16 hook ups and boated 11 fish.

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