Friday, March 19, 2010

Carl and Lee

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 55* and Stained.
Got out early to catch bait, picked the guys up and went fishing. We put out a spread of 12 planner boards , a bobber and a downline to pull an area consisting mostly of flats. With the warmer days we had been having I expected to find fish up on the bank but the first half of dozen hits we took were out in deeper water. We had good action for a couple hours then the fish turned off for about an hour. I hit some clay banks and some rip rap to see if the fish went to the banks buts started catching the fish on points instead. Fishing was steady until boats started driving by, when the lake would settle down the fish would hit again. Lee caught all the nice fish, Carl caught the kitty on the end of the pole [Just kidding, Carl caught his share of Stripers]

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