Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brian, Larry, Howard and Eric [Spartan Homes]

I got out on the water early to catch bait , picked the guys up at 6:30 and set out a spread of 15 lines rigged with some beautiful baits. I pulled over a couple flats where I thought we should get hits but did not get even a swirl. As I was moving from one flat to another I came over a point in 22 feet of water and the board that was up on the bank went off. Eric jumped on the rod and battled the fish to within 10 feet of the boat and it got off! Someone else hooked up also , we landed that fish then I saw Eric's hook, it had been straightened out. We ran a couple other flats with little success, we would hook up, the boards would skip across the water but the fish would not come in the boat well. We were only boating half our fish. I got a call from Anthony who was out and he said the fish were doing the same thing to them, but worse. We fished the area till about 9 and I decided to catch more bait in case the bite were to get better later on in the day. After 1 1/2 hours of throwing I set up to pull a 2 mile stretch of water. We went 2 hours without a hit. It had become very cloudy and we could not get bit without the sun being out. The couple times the sun would peek out we would start taking hits again. We kept seeing Stripers in 20 feet of water but they were just not in the mood to eat today. The wind did not help much either, it is hard to fish in 20 mph winds. We hung in there till the wind blew us off the water, I left the guys cleaning fish back at the dock.

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