Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jake, Jesse, Larry, Tim and Barry

Sunny turning Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 59*.
I got out 4 hours before daylight this morning to catch bait knowing it was a weekend and there may be a lot of people catching bait. The first bridge I hit had lights on it so I went to the next bridge and there was already someone on it. I put a light out on my boat and caught bait, even took some to a friend Timmy so he would have enough for the day. Picked my clients up at 6:30 and headed for the fishing grounds. All I was looking for today was to get away from boat traffic so I went where I could see no boats and set out my spread. We took a couple hits near a bank but the fish were not hooking up and after the first 5 or 6 hits I began to worry if the fish were going to eat after yesterdays boat traffic. Although I was not on the water yesterday I had a friend on the lake say it was a zoo out there, hopefully today would be better. I worked one bank for about a half a mile with little success so I switched sides of the lake and we started taking hits. By now the guys had a better feel for how to get the fish in the boat once they hooked up so we were now putting fish in the cooler. We were getting bites about every 10 minutes until the wind picked up, then the hits subsided to one every 20 minutes. I saw a point where the wind was blowing across it creating waves on one side of it and calm water on the other, I told the guys we would catch them there and we did. After a couple of passes we had limited out and called it a day. I knew it would be a tough day today being a weekend but we all worked as a team and in the end everyone was happy except Larry [The big guy]. He kept catching punks and "Girly" fish, Jake [the 10 year old] gave him grief all day.

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