Monday, March 29, 2010

The Unlucky Gang

Cloudy, Rain, Sun in the afternoon and 60's, Water Temperature 54* and getting muddy.
Last night we had almost 3 inches of rain so I knew bait would be tough this morning. I threw for a few hours and picked the guys up at 6:30. I set out my whole spread right off the bat, 12 boards, a bobber, freeline and a downline. To make a very long story short I pulled from 6:40 till 1 o'clock working various contours, flats and humps. The fish were not banging the baits but we had 15 hook-ups [the board skipping across the water] but could only put a few fish in the boat. I relocated to a new area after 1, caught some fresh bait and pulled another mile for a couple hours with similar results, hook-ups and no fish. The guys were not doing anything wrong after the first couple fish, it was just that kind of day. The bobber would hook up , the rod would double, we would reel it halfway in and the fish would simply get off. The downline would double over into the water , no fish. We got two fish to with in 8 feet of the boat just to watch them swim away. All hooks were new and sharp, simply no excuses. Later on in the day I actually was afraid to get a hook-up because I did not want anyone including myself to get frustrated again. We all tried our best and ended up with a couple of fish. Glad this day is behind us, looking forward to getting back out and catching Stripers. The guys are holding their fish and also the ones they lost.

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