Monday, March 08, 2010

Kevin and Steve

Sunny and Warm, no wind, no boats Water Temperature 45* mid and 50 Down.
Got out very early and caught baits, picked up the guys at High Point at 5:50 and hit the water. Made a short run and set out a spread of a dozen planner boards, a bobber and a downline and pulled 15 to 25 foot flats. We had no sooner got all the lines out when Kevin jumped up and grabbed the first rod to go off. Both he and Steve smiled and they never quit smiling for the next 2 hours. Just as Kevin boated his fish Steve grabbed a bent over rod.. The action was controllable because with only two clients on board I could not take them to a large group of fish, we had to work an area where we would hopefully only have one or two fish hooked up at a time. The plan was working great, we had good action early and as the sun got high in the sky the fish moved deeper. It had been about 10 minutes without a fish when we heard a board skipping across the water, we all looked up and the board literally skipped about 30 feet. Kevin flew across the boat and grabbed the rod and the fight was on. He kept saying he could not gain on the fish, I checked the drag twice and it was perfect, we knew we had a good fish on. While he was wrestling his in the downline got jammed and Steve hopped on it. We worked the area for just a little while longer and made a move. We set up over a deeper flat, I was uncomfortable with the bright sun and no wind, the lake was as smooth as glass. I knew we had to fish deeper so we converted to downlines. Again it did not take long and the rods were bowing over with the guys riding the rods. The smiles were back on their faces as if with disbelief of what was happening. I had told Kevin last night to bring plenty of people to handle the action but his brother backed out at the last minute. We came off the water, took some pictures and they were still smiling. These two guys have been fishing together since they were 6 years old, and I could tell they enjoyed time on the water together. I wanted to make today a special trip for them and we all left happy.

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Anonymous said...

I know these two guys. just looking at their faces makes me smile. Great trip and article.