Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ralph Purcell with Bobby and Denny

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temps 47 to 51 degrees and Clear.
Caught bait early , picked my clients up at 5:50 and headed out. I noticed numerous Striper fisherman preparing to take off and I did not want to fish around anyone else so I took my time running down the lake before I set up in a deserted area. I set out a spread of a dozen boards, a bobber and a couple of downlines and pulled numerous humps and flats. Right when we hit our first hump in 3 feet of water the boards started taking hits. Within 2 minutes everything we had out had been destroyed. I made a circle and as I approached the same area we started hooking up again, this time a little deeper over about 20 feet of water . I was working up a sweat trying to keep enough baits in the water and was behind the 8 ball for about 2 hours. As we fished we released some fish and I knew it would not be long before this school turned off. We started taking short hits so I moved on to nearby flats and the action resumed. The lake went flat with lack of wind and so did the action so I made a move to a deeper flat and tried some downlines but we only had a couple hits in the span of a half an hour so I moved uplake to another series of flats and ridges to finish out the morning. This morning we took about 50 hits, boated 23 and kept 16 for the dinner table. Ralph is pictured holding one of the fish he caught this morning.

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