Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cliff, Lenny, Emil and Paul #2

Sunny, Breezy and Warm, Water Temperature 57* and Stained.
Picked the guys up at 6:30 after catching bait this morning. Since I had these clowns out yesterday I had decided to try something completely different this morning. I set up on 15 foot flats pulling boards, free lines and a bobber. I set my spread out way before where I thought the fish may be feeding so that I would be ready just in case we took numerous hits all at once. I pulled up onto a 7 foot flat and every rod on the right side of the boat went off. The guys scrambled for a few minutes, I rebaited, turned and hit it again, and again, and again until the fish simply turned off. I hit a few other areas nearby but the fish seemed to be congregated right up on the 7 foot flat. After a couple hours of that I decided to go get some fresh bait and hit another similar area about 2 miles away from the first area we fished. Again I set up way before I hit the 7 foot flat. Once I pulled up onto the flat all Hell broke loose again , guys were running around the boat, breaking off fish, getting lines fouled with others, Stripers laying on the deck, then when I got over 10 feet deep the action would subside. Again I circled around and duplicated the same route and caught fish after fish. We had so many hits and fish on today we should have been off the water by mid morning but I think these guys had way too much fun last night. One time after screwing up 3 in a row I asked the guys if they had met another guide last night and did that guide pay them to aggravate me today! Seriously these guys are good fishing buddies, we all got along well and had a great couple days on the water. They all can give it as well as take it. Needless to say they will have plenty of fish to take back to Pa. tomorrow. Today's stringer weighed well in excess of 100 pounds.

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