Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brian, Dan, Nikki and Tim

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 90* and Clear.
Caught 160 baits this morning and picked my clients up at 5:15 at their dock. Brian had called a couple time last week very anxious to learn how to Striper fish, I don't know if he even slept the last few nights. Since he wanted to learn I stayed within sight of his dad's house teaching them how to read the depth finder and all aspects of catching Stripers. I told them when I picked them up that the full moon hurt us yesterday, hopefully we could catch some this morning before the schools would break up. I located a school about 400 yards from their dock so we set up on them. The Stripers were stacked under our boat but as I expected they obviously had fed hard last night, we were not taking hits. I continued to work the school and finally we started hooking up. Nikki popped the first couple of fish, Brian lost a couple then Dan popped a couple. After catching 4 or 5 the school dissipated so we got the lines in and looked for others. John was fishing nearby so we double teamed the schools and were able to keep up with them pretty well. We stayed in the fish but we never got out of control, we would only have one fish on at a time. We had gone through 120 baits when John called us over to him. He had found a school busting on the surface and when we got to him he was hooked up. We ended up working the same vicinity for about an hour till we ran completely out of baits. This morning we had caught plenty of nice Stripers, the crew kept 17 to take home and we got off the water by 9 just before the lake got too busy and too hot. Nikki and her father Dan are pictured holding fish that they had just caught and Tim is holding 2 Stripers that he caught back to back. Brian got hooked on Striper fishing, probably see his picture some more on my journal.

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Nikki said...

We had a wonderful time and made lots of great memories. Thanks so much Jim!