Monday, July 05, 2010

Quinn, Wendy and Dylan

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 85* and Clear.
Jeanne's daughter's family is down for awhile so we decided to take the boys fishing for a couple hours this morning and to get off the water before it got hot and the weekend warriors hit the water. We caught bait and headed downlake till we couldn't see any boats. I found a school of Stripers over 40 feet of water so Wendy and myself put out 10 downlines rigged with Herring. It took about 3 or 4 minutes before we took our first hit, Dylan reeled in a Catfish, I told him to kiss it and it would bring him luck, so he did. I knew by catching the Cat that we were on the tail end of the school so I sped up my trolling motor, moved about 75 yards and got right into the middle of the Stripers. I called a friend over to work the school and before I hung up with him the rods started bending over. The action was perfect, Wendy and Myself constantly stayed busy baiting and taking fish off while the boys reeled the Stripers in. I wasn't out today to have all the rods hooked up at once, we just wanted to have enough action for the guys to keep interested for an hour or two. We hit 3 more schools, caught fish out of all of them and got off the water before most people woke up today. We kept all I wanted to clean and released the rest to fight again.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Jimby. You rock dude.