Sunday, July 18, 2010

Duane and Jean-Paul

Met the guys at the marina a little after 5am and hit the water. I showed them how to deploy the baits and set up on a mock school of Stripers so that they could understand completely how to put the baits in. Once they caught on we got the baits up and I got on my big motor to look for schools. I found what I wanted after about 5 minutes of looking, told the guys how deep to put the baits, put out 10 baits and the rods started bending in half. I had warned Duane 2 days ago that he needed more than two fisherman on the boat, it is hard enough for 4 fisherman to handle the action much less 2 guys working 10 rods. Well they got there workout this morning, by 6:50 they had caught over a dozen Stripers. Once other boats got around me I decided to move on and find another school, which we did a couple of times. The guys kept 12 Stripers to take home and released the other fish. The schools dissipated early this morning, by 8 fish were scattered. We came in about 8:30 before it got too hot and before the weekend warriors hit the water.

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