Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lou Hart and Zackary

Cloudy and Cool, Water temperature 88* and Clear.
Got out early to catch bait, took quite a while, we had thunderstorms last night and sometimes that breaks up the schools of bait making it hard to catch. Lou got lost this morning so we got a late start. I briefed them on how to deploy the baits and went down to where I knew a nice school had been hanging out. I saw the fish on my Lowrance and told them how many pulls to put the baits. They had a few issues getting the baits out at first but once we got the baits in the water the rods started bowing over. We worked the school for about 30 minutes before I lost it. I got back on the big motor and found it again and we did the drill again. I left that school and found another, put the bait out and spanked them again. Zackary caught the 2 largest fish of the morning, he will have some memories to take back to West Va. By 7:30 we had caught our limit of 12 Stripers and also had caught 5 or 6 Kitties.

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