Thursday, July 29, 2010

Michael Duke with John, Bert and David

Sunny and HOT, Water Temperature 88* and Clear. John and I both had clients this morning so we got out early and caught bait. We both put 175 baits in our tanks and picked up our clients at 5:30 at High Point. John set up on a spot where he saw some fish breaking and I kept on the big motor looking for schools. We set up on some pods of fish but I was impatient with singles and wanted to locate schools so I spent about an hour looking. When I ran over what is pictured on the graph I knew I was on a good school. As you can imagine as soon as baits hit the water we started taking hits. Naturally my crew was anxious because there were so many fish in the area. It was hard for them to remember a few key rules in fishing with circle hooks but it didn't take them long to start filling the cooler. In the heat of the action I looked up at Michael, he had a smile on his face as if the stock market had just risen a thousand points. We worked this school for about an hour before we lost it and in the process we went through 120 baits. I looked for 10 minutes and could not locate them so I moved to a different part of the lake and ran over another school. We set out some baits but we only had about 20 left in the tank. I called John , he said he had about 50 baits left and needed 3 more fish to limit out. I told him to come and work the school I was on hoping he could catch their limit and then I could get the rest of his baits. John drove past us, located the school, set out 8 baits and everyone of them hooked up. While his clients were trying to work the fish I was on high heading his direction. He gave us his baits, we put them out and caught our limit within 2oo yards of where I had originally found the school. Today we had over 150 strikes, caught about 30 Stripers and a half dozen Cats and was home in time for lunch.

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