Friday, July 09, 2010

Howard, Glen, Larry and Agnes

Sunny, Hot, Water Temperature 90* and Clear.
Caught 220 baits this morning and picked everyone up at the marina at 5:30am. Looked for schools for about 10 minutes then decided to put some baits out where we caught some fish yesterday. We worked the area for about an hour and caught a few Stripers but I was getting greedy and wanted to find some big schools. I looked for about 30 minutes then set up on some fish, Agnes caught a very nice Striper and a friend Charlie called out on the radio that he was on a huge school, but it was 6 miles from where we were at. We lost our school so I took off toward Charlie, got to where he had been on fish and they had moved, figures! We worked the area for 30 minutes then went back looking for schools but could never find any tight enough to fish, just scattered pods. We hit a couple more areas and popped a few fish then I noticed we were down to about 25 baits. I made one final move to where I thought we could put a couple nice fish in the boat. Glen hooked up with a hog but it broke off on another line. Then Agnes hooked into a nice one. We had 4 or 5 more solid hook up and actually broke a couple off. We were running out of bait and the Stripers were turning on. Agnes hooked up , then Glen caught a couple, Larry hooked into 4 or 5 in a row and Howard caught a couple but we ran out of bait. I looked for more bait but could not find any so we called it a day. Today we caught 25 Stripers, a Largemouth Bass and over a dozen Catfish. The crew kept 15 Stripers to take home and released the rest to fight again.

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