Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bev and Mike

Cloudy and warm, Water Temperature 73* and clear.
Caught bait early as usual and picked my clients up at High Point at 5:30. Since there was only two anglers I took a couple minutes to brief them on how to put the lines out and how not to set the hook when fish hooked up. They seemed to understand what I was referring to so off we went. With only 2 people fishing it is extremely difficult to keep up with the action so I told them I would not be taking them directly to schools but we would start off on singles then if they did well we would graduate to larger schools. After putting out the rods correctly and catching a few fish they were ready. I put them right in the middle of our first school of the morning with 10 lines out and every rod starting bending over. Bev was working the front of the boat and Mike took control of the back of the boat. By the looks of my Lowrance you can see what they were dealing with, nothing but constant action. By 8am they had boated 65 Stripers, the most fish caught by 2 anglers out of my boat by 8am. Quite a testament to their ability and understanding of not only how to deploy the lines but also of fighting the fish in order not to tie up other lines. By 8:30 we had gone through 250 baits, caught 76 Stripers and a few Cats, keeping a dozen to take home and releasing all the others to fight again. [I use circle hooks, no gut hooking]. Mike and Bev came from Ohio and showed interest in coming back later in June to fish again but I have a feeling they may have some help next time around.

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