Friday, May 20, 2011

Paul, Tom and George

Sunny and Pleasant, Water temperature 73* and Clear.
After catching bait and picking up my clients this morning we cruised the lake looking for schools. It didn't take long to notice the large tight schools of yesterday were dispersed more. I would see 30 to 50 fish here and there but never saw the solid acres of Stripers. I decided to set up on the pods of fish and hit numerous schools to see how they bit. I seemed this morning early the smaller fish would bite and the later in the day it got the larger fish would hit. Although today was slower than yesterday we still caught well over 60 Stripers [I asked the guys to count the fish they caught but once Paul hit 10 and took his shoes off I knew their count would be useless]. The guys kept 16 to take home for the table and released the rest. Today we went through close to 300 baits.

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