Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jerry, Jordan, Jacob and Vernon Yingling

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 72* and Clear.
I got out very early this morning to catch bait then picked my clients up at 5:30 at High Point Marina. We took about a 10 minute ride then I put my spread out. I started with 10 boards, a bobber and a couple downlines to see how my crew would do. Jordan jumped on the first rod and wrestled her first Striper in [bottom picture] then shortly thereafter Jacob reeled in his first Striper [middle picture]. We took hits there until the boat traffic spooked the fish so I moved out deeper and put an additional 5 downlines out. We caught fish until we needed a potty break so we got our lines in and moved. While they were up at the store I saw some bait and threw on them catching about 200 Herring in one throw. With the boat traffic like it was I decided to work strictly downlines so I hit the main lake looking for schools. For the next 4 hours we found school after school catching 8 to 10 fish from a school then locating another to repeat the process. I believe we worked 7 or 8 different schools before calling it quits for the day. My crew was ready to go in, Stripers on the lake today wore them out. They kept a couple fish to take home and released all the others to fight again. We are starting a summer pattern of fishing now with the downline bite and if today was any indication of how the fishing will be this summer you can expect to catch 50 to 100 fish a morning on live bait.

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