Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dillon and Doug Myers

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 72* and Clear.
After fishing Monday pulling boards in the morning and downlines in the afternoon catching 25 Stripers but only 5 fish being keepers I decided to switch things up today. I caught about 100 Herring and only 15 Gizzards then put out a spread of 10 boards, a bobber and 6 downlines. We had worked over a flat that should have been holding fish without taking a hit. Soon after dropping off the edge of the flat a downline got clobered and Dillon hopped on the rod. After a couple minute fight he landed the first and largest fish of the morning, his largest Striper to date after fishing with me about a dozen times. It didn't take but a couple minutes to change everything over and we started taking hit after hit. We worked the small school for about an hour then left them to look elsewhere. We hit a couple more similar areas catching fish the same way. We kept 12 Stripers and released the rest to fight again another day. Doug took his son Dillon out of school today to get his mind on something else other than girls, I think it worked for a few hours but based on the time he was on his phone this morning I believe he will forget the fish tomorrow when he is back in school. In a year or so Doug will need to find a new fishing partner for a few years.

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