Monday, May 02, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Cloudy then Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 69* and Clear.
Met the guys at High Point at 5 then went and caught bait. Filled 2 tanks up with beautiful baits and went fishing. We set out a spread of 8 planner boards, a bobber and 6 downlines covering the water column looking to see what the fish wanted to eat. After going over fish and not getting hit I looked up and the wind was blowing right out of the East. I looked at the guys and told them this was not good, it may be a long day. Two hours later and only a couple of fish we decided to make a move. We moved to another good area , same results. Went and caught bait, set up again, and again, same results. By 3 my trolling motor batteries had all they could handle of the wind and started to die so we called it a day. One day on the lake you can catch fish everywhere you go, the next you may have to struggle. Now I know how it feels to go from a Hero to a Zero overnight. Well it wasn't that bad, we caught 8 Stripers and kept 6 to take home. You may notice some of the guys in the pictures, that's Jeff in the top picture holding a nice fish and Ricky in the lower picture, both are pros at the fishing counter at Greentop Sporting Goods. [You may even notice Stan the bass man in the lower picture and also Mark] They are experts at what they do and have the knowledge to help you with all your fishing needs, especially with Depth Finders and gear for fishing local bodies of water. They carry everything I use on the lake and understand how to use them.

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