Friday, May 27, 2011

Jason, Doug, Caden, Bobby and Brian

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 81* and clear.
Caught bait and picked up the guys at High Point at 5:30. We set up on a few fish but only popped 1 so we looked elsewhere. As always I was looking for major schools but they have not developed very well the last couple days. I decided to spend a little more time fishing and less time looking today because I was worried about the traffic on the lake being a holiday weekend. We set up on at least a dozen different locations catching fish everywhere we went. Although we never found a huge school fishing was still good. We went through 200 baits by 10am so I caught about 150 more and used all but 10 of those, quite a few hits for a day. I did not attempt to count how many fish we caught total today but I did keep track of Bobby's catches, he caught 23 Stripers , aLargemouth Bass and a few Kitties. The guys took home enough fish to feed everyone coming to Doug's place this weekend and and also enough fish for Jason to catch a buzz off of Beer while he cleans them this afternoon.
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