Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slobo, Jake, Gary, Dudly and Neal

Cloudy, Rain and Wind, Water temperature 73* and clear.
I knew today was going to be interesting when I saw the weather forecast yesterday. I warned the guys that they may want to go another day but they decided a little rain would not hurt anyone. Little did they know that it would rain 3 inches during their trip! All the lightning was pretty interesting also. Well we got out early and caught some nice bait so I set out a spread of planner boards pulling flats. After a while with little success I decided it was time to do something else. I went and caught more bait and started looking for fish. We would set up on fish and if it was raining the Stripers would not bite. The minute it quit raining rods would start bowing over. We hit school after school, praying for the rain to let up so the fish would bite. Around mid day the sky almost turned blue for a few minutes and every rod we had out hooked up. I looked up one time and every angler had a fish in their hand taking it off the hook with all the other rods still in the water hooked up with fish also. Then the rain came and washed away the fish. A few breaks in the rain let us spank the Stripers again and again. Today we caught about 60 fish with the guys taking home 17 fish for the frying pan. I burnt a tank of gas today locating fish but it payed off in the long run.

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