Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tony, Nick, Chris, Josh and Pete

Sunny and warm, Water temperature 74* and Clear.
Started the day off with 260 baits in the tank. Picked the crew up at High Point and went fishing. We did the usual mock set up over a couple fish then once they understood how things worked we got serious. I knew we were going to have fun this morning because we had two boys on board that wanted to learn how to fish. My main focus was to get the boys hands on as many rods bending over as possible, and after today I am sure they will have bruises on their tummies from reeling in Stripers. We hit school after school this morning catching fish everywhere we went but never got into a mega-school, probably a good thing with the kids on board. I did not attempt to keep track of how many fish we caught today but we went through all but 30 baits this morning. By the time the boat traffic got up everyone had had enough action for one day so we called it a day. We kept a few fish for dinner and released all of the other fish alive to fight again with the exception on one punk that got hurt that may not make it.

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