Thursday, June 09, 2011

Amy, Hannah and John

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 86* and Clear.
I got out early , caught bait and picked my crew up at the marina. Since they had a little fisherwoman {Hannah} I wanted to put them on fish for steady action so she would not get bored but I did not want to put them on larger schools where they could not handle the action. I found some fish and set up on them and for 30 minutes all we could do is work 4 or 5 rods up in the front of the boat. We had fish on constantly and Hannah was reeling in most of them. After about an hour I decided to pull them off of the fish to get a break so we took a little ride, located more Stripers and worked them over and over. One time we had 7 rods bent over with everyone reeling in Stripers and they boated all 7. We fished till we ran out of bait this morning catching about 70 fish. Hannah hung in there all the way wanting to not only reel the fish in but also touch each fish and throw the spent bait back in the water. You can't see her legs from the fish blocking her but she is part Mermaid.

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Anonymous said...

OMG wish I was there to join the fish fry!! Great photo. Never have I seen so many fish at one time. Thanks for the photos, Love GAK