Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dean, Rick, Randy and Dewey

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 85* and Clear.
We got off to a late start this morning and paid for it severely. By the time we got to an area that I caught fish yesterday the school had already started dispersing. We set up on them anyway taking a couple hits but I must have zigged when the school zagged thereby loosing the school. Yesterday by 7:30 we had our limits of fish but today at the same time we only had one keeper in the boat. I desperately looked for schools as well as another guide John only to find small pods of fish. Around 8 we set up on a few pods of Stripers and put 4 fish in the boat fairly quickly until the kitties started mauling our baits. Rick hooked into the largest fish there of the day that we actually got into the boat. We left there and continued looking for schools but never found any. I decided to catch some fresh bait and simply set up in an area and keep hooks in the water. While I was catching bait John came nearby and saw a dozen fish on the Lowrance so he called us over to them. Between his boat and our boat we caught the whole dozen and many more. Rick had the largest fish on of the day while I was retying a line so I asked Dean to go net the fish. The Striper manhandled Rick and just as Dean was ready to net the fish it went into the trolling motor. I guess that's how fish get big. While Rick was still in a state of despair one of his other rods bent over so he told Dewey to reel the fish in. Dewey hopped on the rod and reeled it in while Dean was kidding Rich about loosing the big fish. By now we were just about out of bait when Deans rod bent over in the back of the boat and the line was screaming across the water then pop, his line got tangled into two other lines and the fish broke off. Then Dean was the one who was in a state of despair. Rick ended up getting the last laugh. By the end of the trip we had all worked hard and ended up with a nice stringer of Stripers. We had used up every bait we had in both tanks.

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