Friday, June 17, 2011

Randy Krout and Mark McClellan

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 83* and Clear.
Caught bait and picked the guys up at their dock at 5:15. Went about 500 yards from their dock, saw a school and tried to set up on them. All I can say is this time of year when the fish want to bite 2 anglers can not handle the action. Randy and Mark had both been out with me before and knew exactly how and what to do but once we starting putting baits in the water it looked like we had gotten into a hornets nest with all of us scrambling around the boat. The action is great but probably a little too much for a couple guys. They handled it very well so we kept busy till we couldn't keep enough baits in the water resulting in the school of Stripers moving on leaving us to lick our wounds. We re-grouped and moved on to locate some more fish. I saw what I wanted to see on my Lowrance so we put the baits out on fewer fish and had a much more controlled bite. We enjoyed the few hours we were out this morning, Mark will be cleaning fish the rest of the morning. The guys kept 12 Stripers today.

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