Thursday, June 23, 2011

David and Andy

Partly cloudy and warm, Water temperature 83* and Clear.
I picked the guys up at 5 at High Point and we hit the water looking for bait and fish. David had been out with me before and he had already told Andy what to expect and what was in store for him today. As I was explaining how the depth finder worked and what they were seeing on it I noticed a big smile on Andy's face. We caught some bait and once I started looking for fish and after telling them I may not put them on a big school because there were only 2 of them Andy's smile got even bigger. He knew what was about to happen and within 3 minutes I rolled up on a school of fish that not only covered my sonar but it lit up my side scan 160 feet around us. Andy got up giggling, grabbed a rod and put the bait down like he had done it a hundred times before. I baited Dave and before he got his bait in the water Andy's rod bowed over into the water. While Andy was fighting his fish Dave got his bait into the water and his rod hooked up. For about 45 minutes we tried to get baits out but the Stripers would not allow more than a couple baits to be in the water without clobbering them. Needless to say we caught all the fish they could handle and by then a smile was plastered on both Dave's and Andy's faces. Dave had been fishing the lake with little success so I took some time to explain how the depth finders work, how to set them up and what they were seeing on the screen. I also showed them how to identify Stripers from Catfish, Herring from Shad and what to look for before putting baits into the water. I also showed them a few trolling techniques they can use when fishing out of their boat. Andy said after dropping them off at the marina that next time he will be bring some help. The guys kept 12 Stripers today to take home for the table.

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