Saturday, June 04, 2011

Jim, Don, Chris, Joel, Jeff and Geof

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature dropped to 82* and Clear.
Had a tough time catching bait this morning but caught 200 and picked my clients up at their dock. One of the first questions asked this morning was "will this cold front affect fishing today?" My answer was "I am not looking for excuses today to not catch fish". Well for about 3 hours this morning I looked for schools, set up on pods and schools of fish only to get punked and take short hits. Their question of the cold front kept haunting me but I was determined to make a good fishing day out of today. We had already set up on a dozen different sets of Stripers but the cooler was not filling up very quickly. I went and caught about 150 more baits and continued searching for fish. I had a couple of friends out fishing also and they were seeing the same thing I was on their Lowrances which made me work even harder to put something together. About 10 o'clock I finally saw what I wanted to see on my Depth Finder and we set up on it, or tried to set up on it. We could only get a line or 2 out before a Striper would hook up. I was anxious to get my complete spread out to show a school of bait but that would not happen till 20 minutes later. I was baiting and net fish as quick as I could while all the guys were reeling in and taking fish off their lines. Eventually I lost the school never to find it again. By now I had burnt a tank of gas up looking for fish so I went and refueled and looked some more. I found yet another school and everything we put out got hit till we used up all of our bait. We had all worked together making a so-so day a great day. Everyone was Happy especially me when I returned them to their dock and took pictures. We caught about 60 Stripers, 6 or 8 Cats and a Bass today.
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