Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robert, Keith, Ray and Andrew

Sunny and Pleasant, Water temperature 87* and Clear.
I got out early enough to catch 200 baits and picked the guys up at High Point at 5am. I instructed them on how to deploy the lines and how not to set the hook [we use circle hooks] then took them to some fish. After about 5 minutes we hit a half way developed school but the same guy who spooked the school 2 days ago ran his big motor right through the school again this morning. After it settled down I moved a short distance and we started taking hits. I say hits because the Stripers were hooking up but some of the anglers kept setting the hook thereby releasing the fish. Eventually one by one they started to understand and after loosing 12 to 15 Stripers they understood the concept a little better. Now we were filling the cooler with fish. We worked the area for about an hour putting 15 Stripers in the box. I had to leave the area because we had used up over 150 baits and I felt we needed to replenish our stash. I caught over 100 more and we went looking for Stripers but it took 5 more hours to catch 3 more keepers. Again today it was a good early morning bite and then the fish simply shut down.

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