Monday, June 13, 2011

Trevor,, Donna, Trad and BJ Thumbs

Sunny, Windy and Chilly this morning, Water temperature dropping to 84* and clear.
Got to the lake this morning to catch bait and the wind was whipping straight down the lake. I caught bait and picked up my crew at 5:15 and set up not far from the marina on some small pods of fish. Donna hooked up quickly into what was to be the largest fish of the day. Nothing ever developed there so I started looking for larger schools. We looked off and on all day long only finding what I wanted to fish right out in the windiest parts of the lake. I would set up on them just to have the wind blow us right off within seconds. We basically looked all day for places to fish where the wind was not too strong but in those places there were no fish. We ended up having a poor day today, keeping only 8 keeper fish. Sure was an interesting day weather wise, best thing we had going was the low humidity.

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