Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Adam and Terry Rizor

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 90* and clear.
I picked the guys up at 4:30, caught bait and went looking for schools of Stripers. While we were looking a friend Charlie called me on the radio and said he had just located a school and to come on over. We were just around the corner so we checked it out. We set up in the area but only caught 3 punks so we got our baits in and looked for the school again. We found it but had difficulty getting baits out and lost the school before we caught a fish. It is crucial fishing the way I do to get your baits out within a minute of locating the school or your boat motor simply spooks the school and they leave the area. We got our timing right after a few sets and started putting fish in the boat. After setting up on 6 or 8 schools they got real good as you can see by the stringer of Stripers they are holding. Adam caught the two big fish of the day and is holding them in the picture. We went through about 250 baits today, a lot of action for two anglers to handle.

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